VITEEE పరీక్ష మునుపటి సంవత్సరం ప్రశ్న పేపర్ జవాబును కీతో

VITEEE Question Paper-2017

Part I (Physics)

1. A 5000 kg rocket is set for vertical firing. The exhaust speed is 800 m/s. To give an initial upward acceleration of 20 m/s2, the amount of gas ejected per second to supply the needed thrust will be (Take g = 10 m/s2)

(a) 127.5 kg/s

(b) 137.5 kg/s

(c) 155.5 kg/s

(d) 187.5 kg/s

సమాధానం: (d)

2. The power dissipated in the circuit shown in the figure is 30 Watts. The value of R is

(ఎ) X X.

(బి) X..

(సి) 10 Ω

(d) 30 Ω

సమాధానం: (సి)

3. If the kinetic energy of a moving particles is E, then the de-Broglie wavelength is





సమాధానం: (సి)